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NEW Needle & Thread Bridal Autumn/Winter 2016 collection

Bridal makes its anticipated return to in May 2016.
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 Ombre Insert Gown, £750.00
 Victorian Lace Gown, £950.00
 Victorian Lace Top £200.00 and Lace Tulle Maxi Skirt, £170.00
 Silver Scallop Maxi Dress, £275.00
 Silver Scallop Cape £225.00 and Silver Scallop Maxi Dress, £275.00
 Victorian Button Gown, £850.00
 Iridescent Floral Maxi Skirt £450.00 and Heritage Jersey Top, £115.00
 Coppelia Ballet Dress, £130.00
 Ballet Cape £125.00 and Coppelia Ballet Dress, £130.00
 Victorian Lace Dress, £450.00
 Deconstructed Lace Gown, £650.00
 Deconstructed Lace Gown, £650.00